In Dan Sullivan’s book, The Laws of Lifetime Growth, he outlines ten laws that are I have comprised into my coaching process. These “Laws of Lifetime Growth” are simple and highly adaptable to any individual who desires to improve their life in balance and to optimize their performance at work.

It is vital that you do not let the past trap you...stay where your feet are; i.e., stay in the moment and let your curiosity guide your mind and eventually your performance as a leader within your organization

Do you desire to make your future bigger than your past?  If so, I would welcome the opportunity to talk with you and help you sort through your ideas.  If I have raised your interest in understanding more about The Ten Laws of Lifetime Growth, I have provided a summary:

“Growth is at the root of everything that gives us a feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction, meaning, and progress...the past is useful because it is rich with experiences that are worth thinking about in new ways – and all of these valuable experiences can become the raw material for creating an even bigger future”
–  Dan Sullivan

The of Lifetime Growth

1) Always Make Your Future Bigger Than Your Past:

A bigger future is essential for lifetime growth. The act of making your future bigger than your past is the very act of growth itself: the bigger future is the vision, and growth is what makes it real.

2) Always Make Your Learning Greater Than Your Experience:

Our ability to learn continually is what enables us always to have a future that’s bigger than the past. Every experience you’ve ever had has two histories to it: the things about our experiences that worked and the things that didn’t work

3) Always Make the Contribution Bigger Than Your Reward:

Contributing to its own sake solidifies and expands your relationships with the outside world. It is through these relationships that you will experience your continual growth as a leader.

4) Always Make Your Performance Greater Than the Applause:

Increase performance is essential for lifetime growth. If you become more skillful and useful, you will receive more considerable applause for an expanding audience.

5) Always Make Your Gratitude Greater Than Your Success:

Increase gratitude is essential for lifetime growth.Only a small percentage of people are continually successful over the long run. These outstanding few recognize that every success comes through the assistance of many other people – and they are continually grateful for this support.

6) Always make your enjoyment greater than your effort:

With a little bit of ingenuity and the right attitude, you may find ways to get enjoyment, and grow out of the daunting tasks in your life or career. Happiness is essential for lifetime growth.  

7) Always Make Your Cooperation Greater Than Your Status:

Always make your cooperation more significant than your status. You will find unlimited possibilities and synergies in combining your talents and opportunities with those of others. 

8) Always Make Confidence Greater Than Your Comfort:

Treat any increase in comfort in your life as only a temporary state for establishing bigger goals. Continually strive for higher goals and achievements, and your confidence will always be greater than your comfort.  

9) Always Make Your Purpose Greater Than Your Money:

At some point in your career, money as an end becomes a growth stopper. Having a purpose that is greater than yourself will give you a constant impetus to strive for your talents and efforts. It also attracts the talents and energies of others whose purpose aligns with our own. Begin with listening to your heart and your gut...are you core values today aligned to where you spend your energy? 

10) Always Make Your Questions Bigger Than Your Answers:

Nothing is more powerful than a question. Why? Because a mind cannot ignore a question. It may choose not to answer the question, but the question remains present provoking new thoughts. Answers, on the other hand, are closed-ended. We file the answers away, never to think of them again. As a leader, your entire sense of security and self-image depends on having the answers, or never being wrong. Don’t lead as if your past will provide you the answers.

"Work is fun when you are actually leaning into your strengths and are deeply engaged and energized by what you're doing."


― Bill Burnett, Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life

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Send me your answers to the following question: What three things would have happened in 6-months to position your career better than you could have expected?


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    Rick's transparency in his process when he gave tools as opposed to coaching was excellent. His metaphors and listening skills supported me and his powerful questioning brought clarity and empowerment along the way. I felt extremely comfortable and enjoyed being challenged in a compassionate way by his coaching. I very much valued having him alongside during a time of many parallel challenges.

    CEO, and Business Development Entrepreneur,
    Munich, Germany