Are you a mid-level leader seeking help to move forward your career?

  • I help my clients move towards a self-defined ideal image of their future with confidence and curiosity.
  • I will encourage consistent reinforcement of new behaviors to prevent my clients from falling back into old, negative patterns.
  • I will provide the opportunity to explore, take a trial on new ideas, and after taking some steps forward, find the time to think about how to apply their learnings.
  • I am a coach that awakens the desire in people who see the need to change and help them find the inspiration to sustain the change.
  • I desire for my coaching sessions to have a learning orientation to acquire a more profound awareness of a variety of current and potential moments with your life.

This is the intersection where I can step in and help. As a mid-level leader become more self-aware of their communication style and their emotional intelligence. To get my clients fully engaged and aligned with their behaviors towards a specific business result. Working collaboratively and recognized how they are different for the others on their team with regards to personal talent and communication personalities. This self-awareness is a critical element of future leadership performance, and how efficient teams are performing.

Often I am asked this question: “What type of Leadership Coach is Rick?
My response: “I am an Active Listening Coach, a Compassionate Coach, and an Empowering Coach”

As a Professional Coach, I appreciate the enormous challenges leaders are facing in the new era of “Always-On Transformation”; thus, the disruption to both career and business results are multiplying faster than ever. It requires a sense of urgency to achieve business results, build high performing teams, effectively transition your career after a merger, or a recent change of your management.

We all agree that change and performance begin at the top of an organization; however, we now understand that the performance challenges of any business are landing on the shoulder of our Mid-level leaders.

It is the mid-level leader this is an integral part of any organization because this is where the bulk of wisdom and team dynamics take place. We observe them every day leading matrix teams across multiply functional areas, often as individual contributors with limited resources. The mid-level leader is required to leverage their “soft-skills” vs. their “technical skills” to achieve desired business results.

"Coaching has given me the opportunity to focus on me! I had specific goals for my personal development and working with Rick has helped me achieve my goals...his insights are imperative to my growth, although he made sure to always point out that I was the one doing the real work."

― Managed Care Marketing Executive - New Jersey

Send me your answers to the following question:

What three things would have happened in 6-months that your career is doing better than you could have expected?

Now, let's turn our focus to you. I want to learn more about you and what you believe needs change in your career this year.

Send me your answers, and we can talk - FREE 60-minute session.

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Rick Mazzetti Coaching
Send me your answers to the following question: What three things would have happened in 6-months to position your career better than you could have expected?


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  • testimonial-rm

    Rick has greatly helped me distill, articulate, and focus on my goals in the new role. When we started meeting, I did not feel like I was setting the agenda in the new role of BD but was responding to others. But, working with Rick, we were able to refine my goals into a very concrete set of goals with indicators and time frames to measure my progress."

    "In addition, Rick has helped me better understand my communication style and how I should tailor it to different people based on their personalities and styles. Rick only helped me through this transition but helped me understand the process and tools to use for when I need to adjust my goals, which is now.

    Director, Business Development – International Policy Research Organization
    – Durham, NC


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