We all have goals we want to reach, challenges we’re striving to overcome, ideas that need a road map and times when we feel stuck. Partnering with Rick as your coach can unlock your potential and set you on a path to thriving personally and professionally.

Associate Certified Coach

As Your Coach

  • My natural focus is instinctively towards the other person.

    My natural focus is instinctively towards the other person. Not their feelings, necessarily, but their understanding, their skills, and their performance. I like to see each of my clients as a work in progress. I am intrigued by “the coaching process”. The Coaching of my clients becoming self-aware of what, why, and how they communicate and grow as a leader.

  • I am not impatiently waiting for the big-bang breakthrough for my clients.

    Instead, I am content to see my clients take small increments of growth that happen each day.

  • I know that my clients can learn only from where they are starting,

    so I ask lots of questions to determine their starting point. I listen carefully, and I watch closely. Any small action or reaction could be my clue to “join” my clients in their learning journey.

  • I start by listening.

    I want my clients to feel heard and safe. It is how I begin to understand your personality and your learning style and your strengths. I use this information to tailor to your needs; in other words, I individualize my coaching sessions to align with your desires.

  • I believe that Coaching is an ongoing relationship;

    thus, the opportunity for success for my clients dramatically increases because changing habits and creating possibilities is a process that occurs over some time.

  • Over that time, we tap into my client’s capacity,

    and their wisdom to find the best solutions for themselves.


Rick Mazzetti,MBA, ACC Personal Development & Leadership CoachRICK MAZZETTI, MBA, ACC - LEADERSHIP & PERSONAL GROWTH COACH

Rick Mazzetti has two passions - to assure mid-level managers take control of their careers and help them achieve desired business results.

Rick did not intentionally set out to become a Leadership Coach. Rather, he was seeking for a way to “give-back” his 40 years of leadership experiences to those capable of doing more with their careers. Thus, Coaching became the venue for his ambition.

Rick’s strengths are building and proving trust, bringing clarity to your thinking, and challenging you to be the best you can be.

Rick grasps the urgency for mid-level managers to perform within this new era of “Always-On Transformation.” Rick understands the sources of disruption to a career are multiplying faster than ever - latest technologies, new market opportunities, new business models, new kinds of competition, new customer needs and desires, and more.

Rick is a proven Coach and loves to celebrate success with his clients. Working with a Coach needs a partnership, so reach out to Rick to see if he would be a good match for you.
Please email him at, or text/phone him at 919-906-1902.

Rick graduated from the North Carolina State University Business Coaching program and is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). He has an MBA from Golden Gate University and a BS in Economics from St. Mary’s College of California. Rick is a proficient facilitator for both the DISC Behavioral Style and Value Motivator Assessments. Rick lives on a 9-acre horse farm north of Durham, NC with his wife Abby and he truly values the balance farm life brings to his Coaching and Consulting practice.

Rick Mazzetti Coaching

Send me your answers to the following question:

What three things would have happened in 6-months that your career is doing better than you could have expected?

Now, let's turn our focus to you. I want to learn more about you and what you believe needs change in your career this year.

Send me your answers, and we can talk - FREE 60-minute session.

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Rick Mazzetti Coaching
Send me your answers to the following question: What three things would have happened in 6-months to position your career better than you could have expected?


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    "Rick has the biggest heart and is an exceptional coach he has created the space for me to build my own strategies, solve my own challenges, and plan my own path. I started coaching with some specific action items and have demonstrated tangible results. I am very excited to continue our partnership so I can continue to grow as a leader. Coaching is such a wonderful investment, and I am grateful to have Rick as my coach."

    Vice-President of Client Engagement - Healthcare & Marketing Payer Access Agency, Morristown, NJ